Are you ready to transform your life with our 1:1 nutrition coaching?

Our coaches will support you in optimising your nutrition and reaching you goals. All this while teaching you how to enjoy your nutrition and adjust it to your personal preferences and lifestyle.



Our flexible approach to a healthier and happiger you is what makes us so successful. Your nutrition should be as individual as you are – so we help you develop a nutrition approach that works for you. With our guidance you will not only learn how to structure your nutrition but also how to navigate through social situations and fuel your body. We teach how to count and meet your macro goals. You will get your own macro targets – personalised to you.

It is time to reach your goals.




Tell us about yourself. Answer our questionnaire so that your coach can get to know you better – your habits, your goals, your struggles and your wishes.


Meet your coach – via e-mail from the comfort of your home. Dein Coach leitet dich durch die Schritte dieser neuen Ernährungsweise und hilft dir mit seiner eigenen Erfahrung.


Get your own personalised plan and start working with your coach. Learn how much fat, protein and carbs you need. Learn how to use and apply our nutritional strategies.


Every week you will check in with your coach on your personal check-in day. Your coach will track your progress with your own personal progress paper (measurements, weight, mood), your progress pictures and your feedback.


Become a part from our tribe on Facebook and get the Community and social support you need to reach your goals.


Reach your goals the sustainable way.


Our coaching services

8 Weeks
239,00  inkl. USt.
12 Weeks
329,00  inkl. USt.

All prices include VAT.

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