How Does Online Coaching Work?

Step 1

Tell Us About Yourself

Your journey starts with filling-out our on-boarding questionnaire. It's important for your new coach to know where you are today -- your current health, fitness, lifestyle, habits -- and where you want to go with your health and body goals.


Step 2

Your Coach Creates Your Personalized Nutrition and Success Roadmap

Your coach analyzes your profile and creates a custom nutrition program. You receive that along with instructions, strategies and advice for your first week. You're also given a high-level roadmap showing achievements you'll be striving for along the way towards your goals.

Step 3

Start Tracking and Learning

Throughout your first 12 weeks you’ll get into the rhythm of daily self check-ins, tracking and food prep. You'll receive frequent emails designed to enrich and motivate you. You'll dive into our online information library and be inspired to try out new recipes, make small but significant changes to your home and work environments and develop an overall mindset for persistent improvement.

Step 4

Check In Weekly With Your Coach

Each week you have a formal check-in with your coach via the online platform. You'll upload your latest tracking data, measurements and progress photos. You'll also answer questions about your setbacks and successes from that week. These very important exchanges let your coach assess your well-being, make small adjustments to your program, and help you plan your next week.


Step 5

Get Continuous Help and Support

Reach out to your coach anytime using the built-in messaging feature of the platform. Your coach will get back to you with answers and encouragement within 24 hours. You can also join the discussion with fellow AngeLove Nutrition Tribe members in our private Facebook group and #ALNtribe on Instagram.

Step 6

Achieve Milestones Along Your Roadmap

You and your coach will acknowledge the important progress you're making by setting and hitting incremental targets. You'll rely on the platform's data visualizations to reveal your body's non-linear path to success, set expectations and stay motivated. Just as importantly you'll celebrate non-data progress you're making in your mindset and behaviors.

Step 7

Enjoy Sustainable Success

Through your dedication and work you'll acquire the knowledge, mindset and habits to continue your healthy life...or even set your sights on new goals.

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